Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Certified Dead

The death of Daniel Guerra again leaves me at a loss as to what is the appropriate emotional response.

An initial autopsy says the 8 year old drowned.

When Norris Deonarine died of a heart attack last week I was too torn. Mr. Deonarine and I had many mutual friends and while we socialized in the same circles at times I wouldn’t say we were friends despite being friendly.

His death came a day after a violent attack on farmers in the Lopinot district.

While there was no scientific link made, he was said to be stressed and frustrated by the situation.

Mr. Deonarine was an activist and fighter and may have died in battle.

Young Daniel may have been a victim.

The possible involvement of a senior police officer in his death in my mind, brings the cause of death given into question.

The death of a friend years ago, first raised questions about the veracity of autopsy reports. It was suggested then, that attempts to control the statistics on some types of deaths led to dubious reasons being given.

This is not to suggest that the young man did not in fact drown but that there may be more to it than obvious to the eye.

In the immediate hours following his discovery, there were cries against child brutality and those outraged are perhaps placated by the official findings for cause of death.

It speaks to a larger problem though, one of trust.

To me the authorities have our trust and maybe not deservingly so.

Too with so much going on, Carnival included, I’m not sure we have reacted to this as we usually would have as a society, either death, myself included.

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