Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If you know your party's extension...

I found myself oddly dressed at WASA fete last weekend, but so did a lot of others by my estimation. Such is the nature of doing what seems like something new. For me a hat as an accessory and not a thing of function is a new direction. It wasn’t just any hat though, its an almost Legionnaires shaped felt number in green that only fit on my crown, worn with a voile The Cloth shirt with green embroidery and dark jeans with red leather sneakers. I imagined myself quite a site for the sore eyes of those who don’t usually see men so fancily attired.

Well its Carnival and so in the context of the season the majority of attendees were as well appropriately dressed despite the fact that it was to me noteworthy.

Men seemed more interested in expressing themselves through color. Apart from the sneaker revolution being witnessed the also popular close fitting pants and shirts were not as obvious as they are on the streets.There was though a paring of turquoise and purple in a shirt and jeans respectively that stuck with me. Another standout was my man Eniola, in a khaki-green one piece coverall, green army hat and 3Canal I AM Re-evolution tee.

Given the nature of the party I was not surprised by the men’s attire as it called for a more practical than peacock approach. Most at WASA go to get on bad, not to pose.

Women are being quite creative with their hair. Those with weaves and extensions had shocks of color that stand out against jet black and sleek mostly short styles. Not much of what is being called the ‘the hump’ where the crown is elevated by the weave or another material underneath the hair giving it a height and curve that can withstand the hardest of jamming.

The dreadlocked set have been wearing a new tucked style called ‘petals’. It’s a soft folding of the strands of the locks to create the shape of flower petals.

In terms of the garb a lot of and I mean a lot of females were wearing fish nets under their shorts, some more eye-catching than others. Mostly thick body girls with them cut ¾. A lot too seemed to have come prepared for the rains that did come, bikini tops with short-shorts and yes…stockings beneath.

The color of the night was definitely turquoise, one of the official colors of the utility, followed closely by purple which seems to have saturated the world.

If you ever miss my voice you can call WASA to be welcomed by my “dulcet” tones!

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