Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today's nature...

On my way to work today I saw my first poui, albeit a bit early, and smoke coming from the hills. It means the dry season is upon us and the rainy season is ending. It also rained today.

What was most startling though was a tree by the Aranguez Savannah. Based on how my mind works all I could think was that I love God, particulalry His sense of humour.

I first saw one fat, juicy caterpillar munching on a leaf. Then I saw another and another and another only to realise the tree was covered in black and orange creepy crawlies, no leaves, just branches and caterpillars with filled bellies. I hope they were catepillars otherwise it wouldnt be so funny after all. It was ironic in that as natural and as harmless as it was, these feeding creatures, had stripped a tree of its foliage. It was stark and scary. If they were in fact catepillars and one day turn into butterflies, would they then be beautiful?

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