Saturday, April 2, 2011


Sitting in the developed Atlantic Plaza having just had an ice cream with an all too subtle hint of banana, the named flavour. I know banana can be overpowering, scent wise particularly but that's part of its charm I think. It doesn't stink it can just be overwhelming. Moreso when over ripe but then think of how well they blend into a punch at that point with their sweetness and aroma at their height. Also good for breads when past ripe. The yellow skin now blackened. Its flesh being held together more by will than potential for growth, the skin gets thin and fragile and its more likely to attract flies, sour or otherwise. 'Waste not want not' leads to punches and breads.

I also just purchased my first Carol's Daughter hair products. Left to be seen if I develop a regime or how well they work. With my limited funds it felt good to make a "conscious buy", all or most of its ingredients are natural. Its also very Fubu. Trying to balance cause God knows its still a very multiple make up mine and I try to live in grace.

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