Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last Minute Shiz...

Don’t call it a shop or a store says Designer Robert Young of his latest venture The Cloth Propaganda Space.

Young says while merchandise will be on sale he envisions more for the space at 24 Erthig Road, Belmont.

Helping him achieve his goals is Lupe Leonard the Edna Manley School of Design and Parson’s School of Design graduate who produces under the label Asyiin, not to be pronounced.

The former printery of forty years has been transformed into a vibrant atmosphere that will house collections from both designers over the coming weeks.

Young says it’s a workshop, a laboratory and an experiment where he envisions a coming together of minds and energies that will be as well transformative.

The choice of location is deliberate and takes him away from the Woodbrook district that houses many other top designers.

The Cloth Propaganda space has been stocked with some of his staple designs along with new offerings. Ms Leonard is a craftsperson who produces artisan style accessories.

The store opened on Wednesday, December 21.

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  1. I am really excited that you have decided to move to Belmont. I would like to see the area return to it's glory days of when I was a child....I remember that printery, I went to school with a granddaughter of the owner. I am very excited to come visit in Feb. god blessed.