Friday, September 14, 2012

Hot Topic: Obey Yuh Thirst!

I wouldn’t say I bow to the pressure but sometimes things does fall by your garden gate and even though it not in your garden you does feel is yours to do with as you please. So I minding my business, as per usual and people asking about the soca artiste said to be found by his woman in bed with a man. As the reports go the wife of the new father and husband has been telling anyone who’d listen about her discovery.

I mean the story would be a lot more interesting perhaps if the star was bigger or even a sex symbol. There is a greater betrayal and so more public outcry when those found on the other side of the fence are desired by many, we then get to vicariously engage in their sex lives as jilted fans who thought that the love was real without realizing that performance is not reality, unless performing under the covers and with someone of the same sex.

I remember how stridently a certain female soca artiste denied the viral image of two females kissing was not her. This particular artiste is big; she also has close gay male friends and even talks off the record about her love for gays and how much support they give her. It’s funny though that when her name became embroiled in the scandal her position was not “it’s not me and so what if it is?” It was more like “Its not me!” This is a loose paraphrase of what went down.

This recent event comes on the heels of more attractive versions of discovery after a debut hip hop artiste posted prosaically about his first same sex love at the age of 19. It doesn’t get sexier than that, a good looking black star, athletically built, rich in US Dollars and connected to the who’s who of modern urbanity talking about a preadolescent romance.

The local tale is not one of a king sized bed in an air conditioned apartment with high ceilings and champagne in the refrigerator and a Jacuzzi in the corner with a sport car downstairs waiting to take the two on a cruise along the coast post coitus. I got no details of the alleged encounter but I’m sure that’s not how it went.

Well looking ahead with soca season not far off I can imagine the race is on for the tell-all scoop that will be history by the time the talented protagonist of the tale releases his 2013 selections. I can’t say for sure how it will play out because to me at this point it’s all rumor. I do remember a time when the retort to questions about a man’s sexuality was “but he married and he have a child” and the counter response “that is no vaccine”, given developments in medicine it seems its not a vaccine but a slow release gel cap, I wait.

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