Friday, November 16, 2012

An ya know what ah mean!

If the high point, at least till then, of Issac Mizrahi’s career was the 1994 movie Unzipped then the nose dive of his business and transition from high fashion to affordable fashion with his line for Target was I’ll say not as high a point, at least till then. The next big fashion moment for me was when actors Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen launched lines that wrested design from the hands of designers and in so doing perhaps gave  American fashion a new lease on life: inclusion became the order of the day. Unprecedented access was given through Fashion TV broadcasting shows and the online airing of Victoria Secret’s annual show. Mizrahi has landed on his feet despite the vagaries that loomed for a period.
                Enter Anya Ayoung Chee and the question of a proverbial second wind again comes to my mind. The academic study of Fashion Design includes Fashion History. Anya has studied Graphic and Interior design, no doubt with its history. What she does though is build upon that to do what every creator aims to do, make something new. You can’t make the history new though and I sense that is what has happened with this video Haute Caribe.
                The project managed to get some of my favorite and admired fashion personalities to agree to say that the local fashion industry is linked to Carnival. I find it to be a well presented thesis but it’s not entirely true and while it may be a wise choice I can’t say that it really captures either Fashion or Carnival. I mean if history will allow Minshall on the one hand or Bikini and Beads on the other to define Carnival then fine. If we accept that like fashion Carnival prefers people with lean bodies that can stand the glare of a camera flash then fine. If Fashion is like Carnival we are saying the more money you spend the better you’ll feel, fine. If you’re saying it means that there is only room for so many at the top then fine. But then like in Fashion you would be ignoring a lot.
                I may have too much to say on this and I may have even lost my way saying what I wanted to say but suffice it to say that if I continue with it I’m sure I would eventually get back on ya know what ah mean.

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