Monday, April 22, 2013

Gratuitous post..

So much things to say right now it have so much things to say, so says Bob Marley, 3Canal also echoed the sentiment. Its so like me to attach to greatness to help me define myself and my views. I ain't saying nothing, though.

I marvel at parents, it must be so exciting to know you're bringing a new creation into the world. I feel a modicum of that when I start shaping a post for my blog. Its like I feel it will solve all that's wrong, I just have to create it and the world will be better.

I see my friends getting engaged, excited about expecting babies and I remain placated by the chance to speak to you, the reader. I do get excited.

Well I don't have anything I want to say in that there is stuff I can say but still nothing I want to say. Expect something meaningful soon though as life is always best with promise and potential and possibility.

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