Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lovers of Che Lovelace

Even though the paintings revolve around the theme of "Lovers", and some of the characteristic or typically representative images of lovers are used, what interests me is not what is obvious or illustrative. Seeing the figures, not in fixed unreactive ways, but trying to unlock fresh ways to characterize and imagine them, is a priority. To this end the activity and process of making paintings remains the most important aspect of art-making for me. - Che Lovelace

Rachel Rochford, Dean Arlen and Rubadiri Victor

Love, Brown


Melanie Archer

Tow Figures and a View

Che Lovelace and son

Ravin Ramkissoon and Nalini Lalla



Karina Jeffrey


Charlotte Elias and Roxane Herbert

Figures Cosmic

Love Abstraction (Tree)

Klysha Best
Dianne Job

Y Gallery

Dale Ramirez, JP Richardson, Jade Drakes, GA Gardner and Valdez Brooks


Love Dreamscape

Eniola Adelekan, Oonya Kempadoo and Richard Mark Rawlins

Lovers is open at Y Gallery, 26 Taylor Street, Woodbrook, till April 29, 2013.


  1. I enjoyed this article, mostly for thee photos that remind me of what I should be doing instead of sitting in a cubicle...interesting.(note photo)

    The exhibit looks engaging and its name invokes intense emotion. I hope to see it soon Che Lovelace is talented.

    1. What is going on with your art? Yeah? hmmm