Wednesday, April 24, 2013

streaming conscience

By the time I got to the Master's level I had started believing my poor study habits would have served me well thus far. I believe myself to be bright. I may be writing a precursor to a rude awakening that I am in fact not bright and I say this cause at this point I also know humble pie is real having had more than my fair share of servings. It's just me trying to prepare myself to lie in the bed I made as this study program comes to a close or an end. I am now at the point where I begin my practicum. It's also Easter according to the religious calendar so may be I'm confessing but having gone to a Presbyterian secondary school I'm not sure I should be, given that I believe Canadian men rule the world and most of my friends who went to Catholic schools denounce Catholicism. All the same I can't escape the stereotype and surrender my truths if out of deference and respect for the choices my ancestors made, like being Christian, while wondering who's going to respect the choices I made given that I would perhaps rather they didn't.

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