Sunday, June 2, 2013

thinking of home

Being away from home is interesting in more ways than one, but related ways. It helps me get perspective as I view somewhere new and have distance from that to which I am accustomed.

I have been in Guatemala for just over a week. My school, Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business organised a study trip, a Spanish immersion. We also visited businesses and attended the opening session of the Guatemala Investment Summit.

As I write this I sit in the dining room of a hotel on Lake Atitlan. The Mayans still exist here. This is not the site of ruins but of an ancient civilisation living amidst development as defined by a different ethic, no judgment.

The traditions are alive in the food and the clothing most obviously. But poverty is also quite evident: young children beg on the streets and work by shining shoes and helping  their mothers sell wares of all sorts.

I have pictures and will get around to posting them eventually.

I miss home, though, even with all its problems.

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