Saturday, October 19, 2013


A journalist as opposed to a columnist is not encouraged to express political views, we report facts and don't express opinions, that is what I was taught and what I practise. I have in this space, though, ventured the closest to taking sides as it were. It's because this is me as a citizen, using my professional skills and insight but not in my professional mode.

I'm not voting come Monday. That is an even further delve into the political abstinence that is considered ethical for journalists. The world will know as my finger will not be stained red, that in itself seems like a "vote". I may even have to answer things like "aa yuh aint vote or what", some would note it silently.

This campaign season has been too much and still not enough. We have heard of what Central Government has done, the platforms have been dominated by MP's and it was only today that I figured out why. I want to believe that Local Government officials lack the power to sway voters and so the parties have been using star power to reach their constituents.

I also feel that the vote on Monday is for parties and not individuals and there is no masking of that. We seem to me set to vote on a governance style. The Independent Liberal Party with no track record is a hit, the People's Partnership is the incumbent and the People's National Movement is well established as a party. It seems to matter even less this LGE who your candidate is as no platform gave them much time to introduce themselves beyond those who already know them. Too, the media did not highlight the candidates or their positions, it was all big name politicians and parties that I heard. I can't say that I can conscientiously make a decision with the information I have received about what will happen at the Local Government level after Monday and so I'm not voting.

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