Monday, November 11, 2013



I don’t know where to start this story! Alright....I got a sky box recently, one of those U.S. addresses that allow you to shop online and have it delivered then brought to your door by a local service provider. Among my first online purchases, a pair of Ecco boots and a Nixon watch.

Now I first saw the Nixon brand while window shopping at Barney’s Loft in New York in 2010. I fell in love immediately and coveted one ever since. I was able to afford one last week and it arrived a few days later. I have been dying to share my excitement with someone as the brand isn't that popular yet in these parts.

The first day I wore the watch I walked in to the RED96.7 studio and host and man about town, Kwesi Hypa Hoppa Hopkinson, had on a Nixon cap. I was again immediately excited and bursting to share the news of my new acquisition.

Today I managed the nerve to say to him, hey I got a Nixon! In that way that Trinis do he say “you late…I have about five”. I went on to tell him, trying to save face, that I had known the brand since 2010 but was only now able to afford one. He said he’d been wearing the brand since about 2008 and went on to say he’d moved on to owning Breitling’s and has his eyes set on a Hublot and a Rolex! Lol!

You ain’t see I was fass and outta place to think that of all people Hoppa would have been the one to share in my joy?

All the same I like my watch and despite my bruised ego will continue to prize it as something to be proud of…I mean after three years my attraction to the brand didn't wane and that must mean love in some way.


  1. LOL. This reminds me of a joke from Cedric the Entertainer. He was at the mall and showing off a brand new gold watch to a friend when the man told him, "You still wearing gold dawg? I moved on to platinum." According to Cedric, only black people could make a mineral ore go out of style!

  2. Talk about making a case for curbing one's enthusiasm!