Thursday, November 14, 2013

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(a fashion advisory from the Marike de Klerk Spring Collection)

"...Aries... My best friend's an Aries too. I really like Aries people.
So tell me? what's your antibody!"

Post the minus sign
mezuza on your doorway
Let it dangle golden
from your ankle
like a southern chain
Strap it to your forehead like a frontlet
pressing in the brain
Or wrap t round your wrist in bondage
like your name
Weave it into charms
and scratch it into crystals
Shop for buttons
Hang it
in a collar on your neck
Tattoo a tiny straight cicatrix
on your cheek or'
asshole skin back
display your modern cut
To overstate it shave a line into your bush

Wear it like I've worn my sexual choices
Parade it proudly
Flaunt it like a man
Put it in your Cv on your ID in the phone book
Don't forget to stamp it on your mail
Think negative
Be testy

Horizontal stripes are in

By Colin Robinson. Taken from The Road Before Us - 100 Gay Black Poets edited by Assoto Saint.

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