Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2016 Trumps

It has been a year of major upheavals: the immortals died and the inanimate lived. I should not even have to name Prince or Muhammad Ali but the fact being that I haven't before, anywhere, means I now must. The year is ending and without lying I could say that I have learned that the fat lady usually sings her final song at the end, translated i can't let the events of the year kill me, I must make it to the end.

Then came the campaigns and the elections, the day itself a whole other being in its 24 hour highs and lows, and the results and the analysis. Life happens.

I aged as I tend to this year. i hit a nice age I feel. There was also love this year which says nothing of next year. And an accident, not one and the same, or still not sure.

It draws to a close and this year I promise to embrace the impending seasons with a winner's attitude.

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