Sunday, February 3, 2013


So @TrinidadJamesGG is here! Is the world ready for @TobagoTracy? Rama was last night. We not I didnt go. Worked at Calypso Fiesta yesterday. It was a good year for the entertainment segment after the competition. Explainer, The Mighty Shadow, Swallow, Johnny King all regaled. An historic 7 women are in the finals of the Calypso Monarch. Raymond Ramnarine is Chuntney Monarch. Super Blue performed at the Fiesta, he believed to be the taker of all Soca titles this year. He performed to a full vocal track. Im supposed to be getting ready to go to the Opening Night of 3 Canal's annual show, this year called Planass! I was promoted to Deputy Head of News on Friday. Word is that I deserved it, happy to hear so I guess? Just another day in paradise! One week to the climax of another Carnival season....a definitive time for many of us...we decide who we are at song says "time to go to fete and play jamette"...yuh know? So Im working from a new position as of tomorrow and hoping my perspective doesn't change. Love!

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