Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hymn - Tell of My Love for the Islands

Tell of my love for the islands
Tell it everywhere
Show all your brothers and sisters
Our Father’s loving care
Brothers who are seeking
Living in the night
Sisters who are weeping
Searching for the light
Tell of my love to all people
Live in my love everyday

O my people I demanded
Bring light to all men
Shine before them I commanded
Till I see you again
When I look everyday  at my children
In their flight
They’re alone, they’re in darkness
Who’ll bring them light

O my people I demanded
Justice must be your theme
Are you laughed at are you branded
Was it only a dream?
When I look everyday
At my children’s misery
They’re in prison they seek refuge
Who’ll set them free?

O my people I demanded
Love all men everywhere
You may walk empty handed
But teach all men to care
When I look everyday
At my children in their tears
They’re suffering they’re crying
Who’ll wipe their tears

Words: Clyde Harvey

Music Odette Vercruysse

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