Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dye Dye

I asked a friend recently if a friend of our's dyed his hair and she said his response is usually that he was "born black and he would dye black". Haha! I recently dyed my hair after relaxing it. I was going to a 20's themed party on the night of my birthday and wanted to get that "fried, dyed and flipped to the side" look that was popular among black men in eras gone.

After a couple days I could take it no longer, it just looked and felt unnatural. The reality is, though, that not a day passes without me seeing men and women, countless, with dyed hair. It begs the question what's wrong with the truth? Why can't we face our ageing selves and accept our greys?

To me it's part of a wider problem, that we rather hide the truth and that goes for more than just about our appearance. I have blogged recently about the truth, the inconvenient truth but as I live each day it seems to me that more of us rather dye dye, than live in the truth.

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